Do you know that the buildings built several decades ago have the possibility of lurking asbestos? Asbestos in your commercial building walls poses health and safety risks for the employees and anyone visiting the building. Therefore, it is wise to consult commercial asbestos contractors to remove this dangerous substance before it creates work-related diseases. Commercial asbestos contractors have qualified and trained staff to manage the removal process.

Asbestos contractors working in the industrial field can:

1-Conduct Asbestos Inspections

The first and foremost benefit of working with a quality commercial asbestos contractor is that they always inspect the commercial property before starting the removal process. They ensure thorough inspection after removing the furnishing and isolating the area. It is important to mention that they have the right tools to go with the inspection process without harming the surrounding buildings.

2-Have Professional License and Certifications

The Queensland Government has set regulations for asbestos removal, and commercial asbestos contractors always comply with these regulations including having licenses and certifications from the Government. These licensed and certified asbestos removal contractors minimise the chances of exposure to this dangerous substance. They always use safety gear and equipment during the inspection and removal process. Even more importantly, they possess experience in handling asbestos waste.

Most certified asbestos contractors have liability insurance to ensure your safety from the substance’s harmful effects.While you may not need to use qualified asbestos contractors to remove the material from your commercial building, you may find that you are not covered by insurance if you don’t use one.

3-Deal with Various Kinds of Asbestos

Last but not the least, commercial asbestos contractors have experience working with various kinds of asbestos. Asbestos exposure may cause respiratory diseases and lung cancer. Therefore, always go with a certified removal company because they have the experience to handle all kinds of asbestos efficiently.

Removal of A-Class Asbestos

It is the most dangerous kind of asbestos, also referred to as friable asbestos. It turns into fibers or dust that may cause health risks if inhaled. Usually, it is present in thermal insulation, spray coating, and in the floor tiles. Always hire a trained and certified removal contractor if this kind of asbestos is detected.

Removal of B-Class Asbestos

It is the less dangerous type of asbestos found in construction and building material. Usually, it is present in vinyl tiles, roofs, ceilings, and walls. It is less risky if not disturbed or damaged.

Do you have asbestos or suspect there is asbestos in your commercial building? Contact the team at Icon Asbestos Removal to organise an inspection.