Asbestos removal is a serious job and it’s vital that should only ever be left to the professionals to handle. You can trust Icon Asbestos Removal to get the job done right. We’re your local Labrador experts with the right experience and knowledge, removing asbestos safely and quickly with as minimal interruptions as possible.

We’ve been helping to make homes, businesses, and the Labrador community safer with our asbestos removal services for years. Centrally located in Brisbane, we’re able to service many of the surrounding areas with ease, from Redcliffe to the Sunshine Coast, we’ve even taken contracted work as far north as Rockhampton. With six years of experience under our belts, we have lots of knowledge in the industry and have serviced a wide range of clients, from residential jobs to expansive commercial and industrial projects. There’s no job too big or small for us to manage.

You can’t just trust anyone to remove asbestos from your home or business. You want to ensure that you’re hiring someone with the right qualifications and safety practices who will properly remove and dispose of all asbestos products.

Asbestos Removal Experts: Licensed, Accredited, and Safety-Driven

At Icon Asbestos Removal, we’re fully qualified and authorised to remove all types of asbestos. We hold an “a-class” licence issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. This licence lets us remove both bonded and friable asbestos products. We also have Australian Standard AS4801 accredited safety management systems along with $20,000,000 coverage in public liability insurance.

Our dedicated team consists of government accredited contractors who take great pride and care in conducting their work safely and in line with correct workplace practices. We provide our diligent team with the best industry specific equipment which they use carefully and maintain to a high standard to keep it functioning to its fullest capacity. We work with our clients closely, with transparency and communication key components of our business. We will be suer to keep your informed every step of the way, so you know what works we’re undertaking and why before we do them.

Expert Asbestos Roof Replacement Services in Labrador

We specialize in roof replacement and offer a variety of asbestos removal services including demolition, emergency clean-ups and contaminated soil removal. With our roof replacement service, we only use the best products to do the job. That’s why we choose to use Colorbond. Renowned for their strength and durability, Colorbond steel is energy smart and looks stylish, coming in a variety of different colours to blend seamlessly with your home or business. With a 25-year warranty on their products, your new roof will not only keep your family or business safe and secure for many years to come, but it also increases street appeal and adds value to the property.

We know that many Australians have a budget to stick to and want to do what we can to make our services more available to more people. You shouldn’t have to delay vital asbestos removal works because of financial reasons. Leaving a small issue for too long can allow it to develop into something bigger.

For asbestos removal professionals that you can trust, there’s no one better in Labrador than Icon Asbestos Removal. For an obligation free quote on any of our services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Labrador Asbestos Removal Services

At ICON Asbestos Removal, we’re in the business of shattering myths as much as we are about removing asbestos. When you think of the idyllic shores of Labrador and the bustling Gold Coast, you might think sun, surf, and relaxation. You probably don’t think about the silent, hidden threat that could be in your home: asbestos.

The Dangers of Asbestos in Labrador

Let’s cut straight to the point: the elegant homes and beach bungalows that give Labrador its distinct charm might also harbor asbestos. The older the structure, the higher the likelihood.

Inhalation of asbestos fibers can lead to severe health problems, like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Now, we know this isn’t what you signed up for when you moved to the Gold Coast. It’s certainly counter-narrative, but awareness is the first step towards safety.

Asbestos Regulations in Labrador

But here’s the unexpected twist: Just because asbestos is present doesn’t mean you’re in immediate danger. Asbestos is most hazardous when its fibers become airborne. Labrador regulations, in sync with national standards, dictate that homeowners and businesses take specific, certified measures when removing asbestos.

That’s where the elegant articulation comes in: You need experts who can not only remove and dispose of the substance but can also do it within the strict confines of the law. And no, DIY is not an option. It’s not worth the risk.

How to Remove Asbestos in Labrador

When it comes to removing asbestos, the process is akin to surgery. It’s precise, calculated, and requires a deft hand. Our team, armed with the best equipment and know-how, will:

  1. Identify the Presence of Asbestos: A crucial step that involves testing samples from your property.
  2. Plan: Based on the type, location, and extent of asbestos, we formulate a safe removal strategy.
  3. Execute: With utmost care, asbestos-containing materials are removed and securely bagged.
  4. Dispose: The final act. This isn’t just taking out the trash. We follow Labrador’s strict guidelines to ensure the harmful substance is gone for good.

The Cost of Asbestos Removal in Labrador

Now, the question on everyone’s mind: what’s the hit to the pocket? It’s a valid concern. Given the nuances of the work, asbestos removal services don’t come cheap. However, consider this – it’s an investment in your health, in the safety of your loved ones, and the value of your property. Still, we at ICON pride ourselves on offering competitive prices, ensuring that safety is accessible to all.

Finding a Qualified Asbestos Removal Contractor in Labrador

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely convinced of one thing: not every hero wears a cape. Some wear protective suits and respirators, venturing into homes to eradicate the menace that is asbestos. We’re not just any contractor. We’re ICON. In a world where many cut corners, we’re a counter-narrative, dedicated to integrity, diligence, and above all, safety.

Labrador Asbestos Removal is the process of safely removing asbestos from buildings and homes in Labrador. It is important to hire a qualified asbestos removal contractor to ensure that the removal is done properly and safely.

Ready to take the next step? Trust Labrador’s finest. Trust ICON Asbestos Removal. Reach out to us and ensure your space is asbestos-free.

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