Welcome to ICON Asbestos Removal, your trusted partner for comprehensive asbestos solutions in Caloundra. We understand that when it comes to ensuring the safety of your loved ones, friends, and family, no compromises can be made. Our services go beyond just asbestos removal – they encompass the peace of mind that comes with a job well done.

It takes the correct qualifications, a sharp eye for attention to detail, and years of experience to conduct the process of asbestos removal properly and safely. Let Icon Asbestos be your first choice when it comes to asbestos removal in Caloundra. With a team of highly skilled professionals and more than six years of experience under our belts, we can safely and quickly remove asbestos products from your home or business with as little disruptions to your home or workplace as possible.

We can conduct asbestos removal for a range of clients from residential to commercial and industrial, offering a variety of asbestos removal services including emergency clean ups, demolition, roof replacements and contaminated soil removal.

Holding an “A-Class” asbestos removal licence, issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, means we’re able to remove any types of asbestos containing materials, whether they be bonded or friable.

Asbestos Testing in Caloundra: 

Unseen and often overlooked, asbestos can pose a silent threat to your health and well-being. Our asbestos testing services are designed to address this danger head-on. We specialize in revealing the full extent of asbestos presence, equipped with the latest technology and methodologies. Discover the counter-intuitive reality beneath the surface – book a test today.

Asbestos Safety in Caloundra: 

Asbestos safety isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a necessity. Our commitment to safety goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about shock and awe through our dedication. We adhere to Safe Work Australia asbestos guidelines, ensuring that your environment is free from harm. With safety gear and professional expertise at the forefront, we provide a shield against the unforeseen.

How to Remove Asbestos Safely in Caloundra: 

Removing asbestos requires finesse – it’s an art in itself. Our experts guide you through the process, offering elegant articulations of techniques that minimize risk. Count on us to handle asbestos removal services in QLD with precision. From addressing asbestos clearance to monitoring the asbestos register, we ensure that every step is taken with care.

Asbestos Disposal in Caloundra: 

Disposal of asbestos materials isn’t just a matter of logistics – it’s a responsibility towards the environment. Our team disposes of asbestos materials safely, following the stringent guidelines set by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The disposal process is a counter-narrative of environmental stewardship – preserving our surroundings for future generations.

Find a Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor in Caloundra: 

Seeking a licensed asbestos removal contractor? Look no further. We are fully licensed, insured, and our team boasts police-checked professionals. Our asbestos register management is comprehensive, ensuring that all aspects of the job are meticulously documented and monitored. Your safety and trust are our priorities.

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Find a licensed asbestos removal contractor in Caloundra who can safely remove asbestos from your home or business.

Asbestos containing products can be found in many areas in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. One area that people do not commonly think about that may contain asbestos is soil, particularly if your block has been redeveloped. If fact, one of the leading reasons for contaminated soil removal in Southeast Queensland is due to asbestos contamination.

Removing asbestos products from a building already requires a high level of skill and care. Removing contaminated soil can be even more difficult as it’s usually in the form of fibrous or loose asbestos. But don’t stress, Icon Asbestos Removal is here to help.

We can expertly and safely conduct every step of asbestos contaminated soil removal from identification to assessment of your land for the decontamination process through to completely removing any affected soil and disposing or it properly.

ICON Asbestos Removal: The Safest and Most Reliable Choice in Caloundra

Our team of removalists consists of government accredited contractors who take pride in making communities like Caloundra safer with our removal services. Following correct workplace practices, equipped with the best industry specific equipment, our team are experts in every step of asbestos removal. From identification to assessment, developing a specialised plan, swift removal, and safe disposal, you will be aware of every phase of the project before we commence. Keeping our clients informed and happy with clear communication and outstanding customer services is a top priority of ours.

For further peace of mind, you’ll be please to know that we offer independent hygiene services on all jobs we undertake. You can rest assured that our works have been verified separately, confirming that your property is free from asbestos containing materials.

We know that finding you have asbestos in your home or business is not news that anyone wants to hear. Worse still would be if you had to delay works to remove it due to finances. Delaying removal could allow a small issue to turn into a big one. Get work started sooner for a safer and more secure home for your loved ones.

There’s no one better in Caloundra when it comes to safe, fast, and affordable asbestos removal services. Choose Icon Asbestos Removal to rid your home or business of asbestos now. Get in touch with our friendly team today to take advantage of our obligation free quotes.

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