When it comes to ensuring the safety of your loved ones, friends, and family, there are some aspects that demand our utmost attention. One of these is asbestos. Welcome to ICON Asbestos Removal – your reliable partner in addressing asbestos-related concerns in Brisbane. Our approach stands out through its blend of counter intuitive ideas, counter-narrative insights, shock and awe, and elegantly articulated expertise.

Do you suspect that your home or business may have been built with asbestos containing products? It’s imperative that you have it assessed by professionals who are qualified in the identification and removal of asbestos products. That’s where Icon Asbestos Removal can help. We’re your local and trusted asbestos removal experts, servicing Manly and surrounding suburbs in Brisbane.

Manly Asbestos Removal Cost: 

You might be wondering about the cost of ensuring your space is asbestos-free. At ICON, we believe in transparency. Our pricing model is not only reasonable but tailored to your specific needs. We understand that every asbestos situation is unique, and so are your requirements. You won’t find any hidden fees or surprise charges when you choose us. Instead, you’ll discover a cost-effective solution that prioritizes your safety.

Manly Asbestos Removal Regulations: 

ICON Asbestos Removal operates under a clear understanding of asbestos regulations. The truth is, you should never attempt DIY asbestos removal unless you are fully compliant with the Safe Work Australia asbestos guidelines. Our team is well-versed in these regulations, ensuring that your asbestos clearance is conducted in adherence to legal requirements. We make it our mission to guarantee not only the safety of your space but also your peace of mind.

Manly Asbestos Removal Safety:

Safety isn’t just a priority for us – it’s the cornerstone of our service. Asbestos work has commenced under the vigilant eye of our skilled experts who are equipped with safety gear and professional tools. Your safety and that of our team are non-negotiable. We keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring you are well-aware of the asbestos clearance certificate, air monitoring, and asbestos register management.

Manly Asbestos Removal Timeline:

We understand that time is of the essence when asbestos removal is concerned. Our process is efficient, without compromising on thoroughness. We strive to find the full extent of asbestos, ensuring that no corner is left unchecked. Our team is equipped to handle the complexities of asbestos removal, ensuring that your space is restored to its former glory as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Experience the ICON Difference

Choosing ICON Asbestos Removal means choosing a dedicated team that is fully licensed, insured, and police checked. Our commitment to your safety and peace of mind is unwavering. Whether you’re in Manly or anywhere in Brisbane, our expertise and professionalism are at your service.

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Find a licensed asbestos removal contractor in Manly who can safely remove asbestos from your home or business.

Asbestos gained massive popularity in the 1920s as a building material due to it containing strong fibres that were durable and fire resistant. What they didn’t know at the time is that the fibres become detached when the products are disturbed, being released into the air without being detected. If the fibres are inhaled, they can cause deadly illnesses, including a range of cancers such as lung, ovarian, and pulmonary diseases. Asbestos products were totally banned for use in Australia by 2003, but unfortunately that leaves more than 80 years where asbestos products could have potentially been used in the building materials of Manly homes and businesses.

There’s no need to stress though as Icon Asbestos is here to help! We offer a range of asbestos removal services from assessment and identification to roof replacements, contaminated soil removal, emergency clean ups and demolition services. With more than six years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that you are leaving a difficult job in safe and competent hands.

Why Choose Icon Asbestos Removal for Your Roof Replacement?

Our niche area of specialisation is in roof replacements. We will work efficiently and carefully to provide your family with a secure and durable new roof. Colorbond is our steel of choice when replacing roofs for many reasons. For starters, Colorbond steel is strong, resilient and an energy smart steel. Backed by a 25-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will continue to have a strong and safe new roof for a long time to come. Another reason we choose Colorbond is for its aesthetic appeal. Coming in a range of colours that will blend seamlessly with any home or business, your new roof will help to add street appeal and value to your property. You can’t ask for much more out of your new roofing than that!

A company is only as good as it’s team, and we’re proud to say that our team is made up of an outstanding bunch of friendly, fully qualified, highly knowledgeable professionals. Each of our team members are an accredited government contractor and have the best industry specific equipment that we diligently maintain to the highest standards.

Our team takes the same level of attention to detail and superior service whether they are working on a small residential job or a huge commercial/ industrial project. We work with our clients, keeping them informed every step of the way. So, you’ll know what we’ve identified and what we’re planning to remove before we do so. Our team can work quickly in a safe manner, correctly handling, removing and disposing of all asbestos containing products.

We have such faith in our team and the strict standards that they hold themselves to that we offer independent hygiene services on all projects. That way, you can rest assured that our work has been independently verified and your home or business is completely free of asbestos.

For safe, reliable, and affordable asbestos removal services in Manly, choose Icon Asbestos Removal. Contact our friendly team today to receive an obligation free quote.

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