When you are having asbestos removed from your home it can be a stressful time. More often than not questions will pop into your head in the early hours of the morning, and instead of getting some sleep you’ll be laying awake wondering whether you need to notify your neighbours or if you need to organise the disposal of any asbestos.

The good news is that when you choose a qualified, experienced and professional asbestos removals team, any issues like asbestos disposal will be taken care of before you are allowed back into your home. The disposal of asbestos is controlled by local councils, and your asbestos removals team will be able to advise if your council will take any asbestos removed from your home and any extra costs. They will also be able to organise transport to meet the specific requirements your local council holds.

How Will the Asbestos be Transported?

Any asbestos needing to be disposed of will be wet down, double wrapped, taped and labelled prior to being transported. The business looking after the removal and disposal of the asbestos will take care of this on-site before transporting it to the required waste facility.

Just remember that it is illegal to dump asbestos in your normal waste bin, as well as on the street or on vacant land. If a contractor offers this option in the quoting process, it is in your best interests to proceed with another quote. Asbestos is dangerous and shouldn’t be left in an area where it can harm you, your family or your neighbours.

While in Queensland you can remove a small amount of asbestos without needing a professional, when it comes to dealing with the material, it is best to organise for an experienced and licensed business to remove the asbestos from your home or commercial premises, dispose of it correctly and ensure everything is cleaned up.

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