Although the use of asbestos in residential settings is basically nil these days, there are still materials containing it around a home, and these materials can still be a danger for everyone. Therefore, it is mandatory to use safe asbestos removal procedures to avoid the risks coming into contact with this material. The essential steps in the process of asbestos removal are: 

Knowing Your Work Plan 

Asbestos removal process starts with knowing your or your contractor’s work plan. Usually, your asbestos removal contractor will outline this plan that includes preparation and clean up process you will have to follow. It is important to mention that this workout plan should abide by all local, state, and federal laws – and there is no getting around these laws. 

Setting up Work Area with Proper Boundaries

After finalising the plan, the asbestos removal contractor will mark the area and inform the residents within the home to leave the place until the asbestos removal work completes. Part of the preparation is also informing neighbours that asbestos removal will be taking place. They will ensure sealing air ducts in the work area and disabling any air conditioning or heating systems. The contractor will also cover the remaining parts with thick plastic sheets where needed. 

Removing Asbestos Material 

Now, its time to remove asbestos material. Generally, asbestos contractors use hand tools and wet methods to minimise the spread of this dangerous substance. Workers on the site will be wearing protective clothing and respirators, as well as any other PPE that’s been identified as essential. All removed material will be sealed in plastic bags and taken to the relevant asbestos disposal area. 

Air Vacuuming 

For increased safety, the asbestos removal contractors use special high-efficiency particulate air vacuuming (HEPA)  to minimise the dispersion of asbestos fibres at the workplace or home. 

Final Cleaning 

After air vacuuming and cleaning up the worksite, industrial hygienist firms come for the final inspection to ensure that all asbestos has been removed. They also take air samples for further testing and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws. The barriers around the work area and all filtration equipment should remain at the place until final inspection takes place.  

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