If you’ve just found out that you may have asbestos in your home, you may have hit the panic button. Completely understandable, but in many cases, completely unnecessary. Unless you have started extensive renovations and didn’t take the normal precautions, you should be relatively safe. However, now is the time to find yourself licensed asbestos removalists to inspect and remove any potential asbestos in  your home.

Choosing licensed asbestos removalists in what is usually a rush is hard – you never know if you are going to get a great team of removalists or just someone who has paid for lots of advertising and doesn’t do a great job. So, how to choose an asbestos removalist for your home?

Getting the right license holder

In Queensland there are two types of licensed asbestos removalists – those with a Class A license and those with a Class B license.

  • Class A licensed removalists can remove any amount of friable asbestos (powder form or can be crushed into powder) and over 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos (sheeting)
  • Class B licensed removalists can only remove more than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos (sheeting)

Get an inspection

It is important to get an inspection before any work starts. Sometimes housing materials will look like asbestos materials but be a completely safe alternative. You also require an independent licensed asbestos assessor to carry out air monitoring, clearance inspections and issuing clearance certificates for friable asbestos removal.

Experience matters

When it comes to dealing with your family home, you need a licensed asbestos removalist that has the experience to safely remove any asbestos materials while looking after your home. This means knowing how to remove ceiling, wall, roof and fence asbestos without damaging the core structure of your home; you also want them to have experience in cleaning up after the removal.

Icon Asbestos Removal is a leader is asbestos removal in Brisbane homes. Whether you need your roof replaced or have found asbestos in your front fence, our team can safely remove the materials, and restore the safety of your home.