Asbestos removal can be extremely dangerous if done without proper training and certification. Medical science has proved that asbestos exposure is incredibly harmful and may cause chronic illness. Asbestos exposure may occur at home, office, or in the general community. During the disturbance of asbestos-containing products, tiny fibres released in the air may reach the lungs through inhalation. Because of these risks, many people do not take the risk of DIY removal because the harmful effects outweigh the benefits. 

Some of the dangers of DIY asbestos removal are: 

Improper Handling of Asbestos Material 

Among the dangers of removing asbestos yourself, improper handling of asbestos material comes at the top of the list. Because you cannot use normal handyman tools for its removal, and, the use of power tools like cutting discs, compressed air, and high-pressure hoses may disturb the material and cause the release of asbestos fibres in the air. Therefore, the experts advise hiring asbestos removal professionals. They are well educated and well trained on the proper handling of this dangerous material. 

Lack of Awareness of Law and the Dangers of Asbestos 

DIY asbestos removal may see you violate the laws for asbestos removal. In Queensland, you may need to have permission from your local council and need to follow all regulations from the State Government, and Worksafe Queensland.  It is important to mention that you cannot throw asbestos material in regular waste. Instead, it needs to be properly packaged and thrown at an approved facility. 

Failure to Consult Your Neighbours 

Many people do not realise that  under the Australian Health Act, you are required to consult your neighbours before you remove any asbestos from your home. If your neighbours have concerns about what you are doing, they can call Worksafe QLD and the Office of Industrial Relations who can stop your removal work. You can also be issued a find for the failure to undertake the required safety measures for asbestos removal and not using the required licensed contractors.

Have asbestos that needs removing? Instead of DIY’ing and risking the health of yourself, your family members and your neighbours, leave it in the hands of a professional. Icon Asbestos Removal can remove asbestos from your home or business, as well as organise asbestos roof replacement.