When removing asbestos from homes and businesses in Queensland, there are some asbestos removal regulations that we need to abide by. We know that it can sometimes look like overkill, but those regulations are there to protect you, your family, your neighbours and of course, us here at Icon Asbestos Removal.

The Queensland government has set in place a number of regulations we need to follow when removing asbestos from properties, particularly around working with, handling and removing asbestos. These regulations are required to be followed by everyone whether you are removing it yourself, or having a company do it for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the regulations here in Queensland.

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring needs to take place to assess the exposure and efficiency of asbestos control measures. This needs to be done by a person who has knowledge and experience in removing asbestos, has knowledge on air monitoring and able to store and transport samples before being analysed.

Cleaning Asbestos Cement Roofs

It is illegal in Queensland to use a water blaster to clean an asbestos cement roof or a fibro roof. The high pressure of the water blaster can easily destroy the surface of the roof, causing asbestos fibres to float off into the air, leading to contamination.

Drilling into Bonded Asbestos Materials

Like water blasting, drilling into bonded materials that contain asbestos can cause the fibres to be released into the air. It is important to use the right equipment, prepare the work area, cover the drill entry and exit points, clean up correctly and dispose of waste material at licensed facilities.

Identifying and Recording Asbestos in the Workplace

If you own a workplace that was built prior to January 1st 1990, it is your responsibility to ensure that all potential asbestos containing materials are identified, assessed and documented in a register. If it is not possible to confirm that asbestos is present, you need to presume that it is, and record the information.

These are just some of the asbestos removal regulations in Queensland that must be abided by when removing asbestos. Why not save yourself the time and money of ensuring you meet the regulations by engaging a professioanl Brisbane asbestos removal company. Call Icon Asbestos Removal for a quote.