Asbestos is a fireproof and corrosion-resistant material that occurs naturally as masses of fibres. High tensile strength and resistance against heat and chemicals made its use common in buildings before the dawn of the 21st century. But, the increasing number of asbestos-related diseases and carcinogenic properties of the mineral provoked the health experts to ban its use both at domestic and commercial levels. World Health  Organisation (WHO) even recommends its removal from all premises. Asbestos removal is not at all an easy process and demands the services of trained professionals. 

You can organise the removal of asbestos by following the below tips. 

1-Contact Regional Asbestos Program 

The first and the foremost tip to follow while organising to remove asbestos is contacting the relevant authorities. In Queensland, there are strict laws that require adhering to regarding the removal of asbestos and you may also require permission from your local council for removal and dumping of asbestos materials. 

2-Seek Accredited Inspectors and Contractors 

After gaining any required permissions, you should seek accredited inspectors or asbestos removalists to get the material checked to confirm presence of asbestos. They will generally tell you how much of the material there is and what needs to be removed before you can continue with any renovations. Always keep in mind the experience of the contractors, check their licensing and their qualifications to ensure they are able to remove the asbestos. In Queensland there are two licenses that cover the removal of asbestos, both covering different aspects. Remember to ask what process they will use for the removal from your premises and whether you need to advise your neighbours and how much notice you need to provide. 

3-Identifying and Marking the Work Area 

The asbestos removal company will identify and mark the work area, closing it off with fences and barriers. Ensure that windows and doorways are properly closed and sealed and that all furniture and personal items inside the home are covered if required. There will also be signage around your home saying ‘asbestos removal work in progress’ to restrict the entry of people. 

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