If your home, commercial or industrial premises was built before 1980, it is highly likely that the construction involved the use of asbestos. With everything we now understand regarding the dangers of asbestos and its life limiting impact, removing it safely is paramount. If you suspect your premises has asbestos or know it does, by law you require asbestos contractors to intervene. If you are allocated on the greater Brisbane area, ICON Asbestos Removals are your number one choice.

Asbestos contractors are specially trained to remove asbestos. Icon Asbestos Removals offer are also capable of conducting asbestos audits, sampling/testing, air monitoring, clearances, emergency clean-ups and demolition. They can also completely remove and replace your asbestos sheet roof with Colorbond if required. If you are planning demolition works for renovations, re-build or upgrade and discover asbestos, contact the team at ICON.

Why Choose Icon?

ICON Asbestos removals are approved asbestos contractors, holding an ‘A Class’ asbestos removal license issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. This covers the removal of any type of asbestos, both Bonded or Friable. No matter the size of the job, Icon Asbestos Removal can be trusted to do get the job done promptly and with the utmost attention to safety.

Engaging asbestos contractors isn’t just a smart idea for your affected premises, it is required by law. Exercising due diligence regarding your contractors qualifications is also expected. Icon are accredited, have over $20,000,000 in Public Liability Insurance and specialist equipment. In addition they are approved government subcontractors. ICON are the true professionals and are committed to completing every job efficiently and safely.

If you have discovered asbestos in your home or need advice and testing prior to renovations, give ICON Asbestos Removals a call now for a free quote on 0409 593 779.