Finding licensed asbestos removalists in Brisbane can be a little confusing; with two different license types in Queensland, as well as unlicensed businesses being able to remove a small amount of asbestos, how do you know you have the right business for your needs?

Do I Need Licensed Asbestos Removalists?

Friable Asbestos

Friable asbestos refers to asbestos-containing materials that, when dry, can be easily crushed to powder by hand. These materials generally provide a greater health risk due to being more likely to release asbestos fibres into the air. Friable asbestos is usually found in:

  • sprayed asbestos fire retardants
  • thermal lagging such as piping insulation
  • sheet vinyl underlay or backing

To remove friable asbestos, asbestos removalists need to hold a Class A license. These licensed asbestos removalists can remove any amount of friable asbestos and more than ten square metres of non-friable asbestos.

Bonded (Non-Friable) Asbestos

Boned,  or non-friable, asbestos is as the name suggests- asbestos that is bonded into the material. If left undisturbed, these products are of a lower risk level. Products include:

  • asbestos cement products as used in flat and corrugated asbestos sheeting for walls, ceilings and, roofs, and moulded for products such as downpipes.
  • vinyl floor tiles where the glue has not been removed (once removed, these tiles become friable)

To remove bonded asbestos, a business needs to hold a Class B license. This allows for the removal of over ten square metres of bonded asbestos and the related dust and debris.

A license is not required for a business to remove 10 square metres or less of bonded asbestos materials, however, the work must be done to the Work Health and Safety Regulation requirements. You can find out more information at the Queensland Worksafe site.

Icon Asbestos Removal holds an A Class license and can assist you with all your asbestos removal needs in your home or business across Brisbane, Redcliffe and the Sunshine Coast. We also provide contract work through to Rockhampton.

If you need help in identifying or removing asbestos, contact the team at Icon today.