The rule of thumb when finding asbestos in your home is usually “if it isn’t damaged, don’t disturb it”. Asbestos is at its most dangerous when it has been disturbed and fibres have become airborne. But how does that stack up when considering roof asbestos removal? Should you just leave it, or should you remove and replace the roof?

The big difference between roof asbestos and asbestos found in say the internal walls of your home is that your roof is easily storm damaged. Storm damage has the potential to make an asbestos roof unsafe, not just for you but for your neighbours and any people working around your home.

How to Know You Need Roof Asbestos Removal

In Australia, asbestos products were most often used in roofing material until the 1980’s. The most common product was “Super Six”, a corrugated product from James Hardie. This material takes on a weathered look over time, but that weathered look is a good indicator that there has bee changes in the structure of your roofing materials, and that it is starting to break down. Add in a few good hail storms, and it is possible for asbestos dust to start breaking down, sitting in the gutters waiting for that next big gust of wind to come through.

Why You Need Roof Asbestos Removal

There are a some good reasons to organise roof asbestos removal and replacement on your home.

  • A damaged asbestos roof can release asbestos particles into the air which you and your family breathe in. Inhalation of asbestos can lead to some serious complications and incurable diseases.
  • A home with an asbestos roof can be hard to sell, so if you are considering selling your home in the future, replacing now may be worthwhile.
  • Have you had a new insurance quote recently? Your home could be more expensive to insure with an asbestos roof.
  • Replacing earlier, instead of waiting for damage, can be a much quicker and easier job.

There are plenty of benefits to asbestos roof removal, with the health of your family the main one. Call the team at Icon Asbestos Removal today for a free inspection and quote on removing and replacing your asbestos roof.