The use of easily crumbling and powdery asbestos was pretty common in the 1900s and this was used to build all sorts of fireproofing and insulation products. Use of asbestos products became popular in Australia in the 1980s but on 31 December 2003, a complete ban was placed on the manufacture and use of asbestos products because of the health risk they provided. If your house was built before the middle of the 1980s it’s highly likely that it contains asbestos products.

Do you plan to remove the asbestos products that you find in your house? It’s a great idea and should be undertaken by a licensed and experienced asbestos removals contractor. Why? Because asbestos is a dangerous product that requires a lot of knowledge on PPE, working with and disposing of asbestos. Below, we cover the information you need to know about asbestos disposal and how your asbestos removal contractor will dispose of any of the material in your home.

Asbestos- A Regulated Waste

Asbestos waste comes under the category of hazardous waste so the amount of asbestos disposed of each year is tightly regulated by the government. Hazardous waste is the kind of waste that is detrimental to the environment and can negatively affect human health is not disposed of properly. The fibres and dust of asbestos when inhaled causes Asbestosis, Lung Cancer, and Mesothelioma and leads to permanently scarred lungs.

Government Approved Steps of Asbestos Disposal

Your asbestos removals contractor will undertake the removal and disposing of asbestos materials in your home using the approved steps. We’ve outlined these below so that you have an understanding of the process.

Step 1- Double-wrap the asbestos in a thick 0.2mm plastic bag or sheeting
Step 2- Seal the plastic bag or sheeting with tape
Step 3- Label the asbestos waste bag with the words “CAUTION – ASBESTOS DO NOT DAMAGE OR OPEN BAG. DO NOT INHALE DUST”
Step 4- Ensure double wrapping is done
Step 5- Transport to a landfill site that allows asbestos disposal

Extra Precautionary Measures

On disposal, the asbestos is placed in a plastic-lined industrial skip. This industrial skip is provided by a waste contractor that is associated with the environmental authority that regulates hazardous waste.

Illegal Methods of Asbestos Disposal and Use

Practicing asbestos use and illegal disposal methods of asbestos is a multi-million dollar offense in Australia. So, what methods of asbestos disposal and use should you stay away from?

  • Do not dispose of asbestos waste in normal household garbage bins
  • Do not dump, reuse or recycle asbestos illegally
  • It is also illegal to practice selling and storage asbestos

If you have suspected or confirmed asbestos in your home, contact the friendly team at Icon Asbestos Removal to organise a consultation and quote for removal.