Have you recently discovered that you have an asbestos roof? If you’re wondering what happens during roof asbestos removal, the good news is that with an experienced team, the removal of your asbestos roof and installation of replacement roof isn’t a huge process. While it may seem overwhelming, using the right asbestos removal company makes it a much smoother task.

Here’s what you can expect to happen during the removal and replacement of your asbestos roof.

The Steps to Roof Asbestos Removal

  • The company looking after your asbestos removal will make an initial assessment to see the extent of the asbestos. This will allow them to work out their processes including the staff they need on site while removing the roof.
  • The required notification of asbestos removal will be provided to Workcover as well as others that may be affected including the occupier of the property, the owner of the property, the person who commissioned for the asbestos to be removed, and anyone occupying properties within the immediate vicinity of where the work is being conducted.
  • Plans to safely remove and disposes of the asbestos are prepared. These plans make sure everyone on site is aware of the process for that particular job.
  • On the first day of work, the asbestos removal team will bring the required bins or trucks for safe removal of the contaminated material, put up all warning signs and barriers and get to work. It is wise to note that no one should be on the property other than the asbestos removal team while work is happening.
  • The asbestos containing materials may be sprayed down to stop loose fibres from escaping, and once all material is removed, the roof frame is wiped down to remove any fibres left behind.
  • An inspection of the site is made to ensure all asbestos materials have been removed from the site. Once confirmed, all waste will be transported to the closest approved asbestos waste facility.
  • A new roof will be installed for you.

When your roof asbestos remover does the initial assessment, they will be able to give you an idea of how long the work will take. It is important to ensure that no one enters your property during this period, until given the okay by the remover.

If you have roof asbestos in your Brisbane home that you need removing, call the team at Icon Asbestos Removal. We’ll have you back in your home as quick as possible, with a new roof!