When it comes to asbestos removal, finding a reliable and experienced asbestos removal company is essential. With that in mind, here are some tips for choosing the right asbestos removal company in Brisbane:

1. Ensure the company is qualified and certified. Asbestos removal requires specialized training and knowledge, so make sure you choose a company with the necessary qualifications and certifications. It’s also important to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage should any accidents occur onsite.

Asbestos is dangerous, more so its extremely hazardous to humans and needs to be handled with the strictest safety precautions when being removed, asbestos fiber itself is incredibly difficult to remove without specialist care with what to look out for as it can be easily transferred to numerous other products, materials, and surfaces when disturbed.

That is why it’s important that you hire a professional asbestos company that has a proven track record of removing asbestos, you can be assured of whether an asbestos company is reputable and qualified by looking for a licensed asbestos company, as there are several qualifications one must have to be considered fully licensed that are issued by the Queensland Government.

Once you have verified their qualifications and that they follow the asbestos removal code of practice, you can contract them to remove asbestos from your building or from other materials that may need it.

2. Ask for references from recent clients. A reputable asbestos removal firm will be happy to provide references from past customers who can speak about their experience with the company in detail. This gives you an opportunity to hear first-hand what other people think about the quality of the company’s work.

If you want to be assured that when you contact an asbestos company, you’re getting what is advertised, one of the best things you can do is ask for a reference from previous clients on how their job was handled and the specifics of what occurred during the removal.

References are a great way to get a deeper insight into a company and see how they act on the job and what you can expect from them when you decide to hire their services so that during the removal process you have peace of mind that health and safety are at the forefront during the removal process and that you not suffer any negative setbacks when you contract them to remove asbestos from your home or business.

3. Make sure you understand what is included in the quote. Before signing a contract, make sure you understand exactly what is covered in the quote from the asbestos removal company. This should include everything from the cost of the materials and labour to any necessary permits or inspections that are required for the job.

Whilst you may think asbestos removal is “straightforward forward” there are several things that go into it that you will need to figure out with them, this will include things such as insurance, length of removal, and auxiliary costs during the removal process, when you sit down and hash out the plan with your chosen company, make sure that everything is being discussed before you sign, even things that you may think are silly or not important may have a role to play.

Insurance is also one of the most crucial things as during the removal process there may be damage caused due to unforeseen circumstances when they begin the removal process, take some time to think about all of the things that you will need to have protection for and then discuss them so that you can work out a concrete plan to cover almost any outcome that may or may not occur during an asbestos removal.

4. Get the company to provide a schedule of the removal process. Ask for an outline of the steps that will be taken during the asbestos removal process so you can have peace of mind knowing everything is being done correctly and safely.

This is also an important step when it comes to scheduling, whether you’re removing asbestos from a residential, commercial, or business residence, you will need to be clear of the area for some time, which means making concessions on where you will stay/work during that time.

Creating a plan with your removal company should include the scheduling of what is happening and when it will be happening in terms of dates, and when you can expect to get back into your property once it has been given the all clear and the place is cleared of asbestos and safe to be used again.

5. Check for reviews online. Take some time to check for reviews about potential companies

Checking various reviews of the company can also give you some much-needed insight when you’re deciding who to go with, most reviews of the company can be found on their website, but don’t stop there, searching google for reviews as well, likewise, social media is a great way to find an interactive discussion about the company with their clients and will help you see and get a better understanding of what to expect when you hire them.

Finally, make sure the reviews are genuine and they don’t all sound the same, you will want to see a varied reviews from person to person otherwise it may indicate some false reviews from the company.