The discovery of asbestos in your home or business can be a stressful time for any property owner. If you are facing this yourself and preparing to have it professionally removed, we’re here to help minimise this stress and put your mind at ease.

With years of experience professionally and safely removing asbestos from homes across Brisbane and wider Queensland, we’re the licensed asbestos removalist team you can trust to guide you through this process.

Why Is The Discovery Of Asbestos In A Property Such A Big Deal?

Asbestos was widely used in building materials well into the 1980s – it was not until the early 2000s that it was banned completely. The reason that asbestos materials are so problematic is that they contain tiny asbestos fibres that are now known to cause significant illness when exposure occurs.

Responsible for life-limiting asbestosis – a lung condition, it has also been linked with a specific type of deadly cancer called mesothelioma. There is no safe level of exposure and due to the size of the particles, it is very easy to inhale them without even being aware.

While the presence of inert asbestos in your home is no cause for panic, if you are renovating or demolishing an area where asbestos is present, these dangerous and very small fibres can be released into the air. It is for this reason that great care must be taken when handling and disposing of it.

Can I Remove Asbestos Myself?

No, there is strict legislation in place regarding the removal of asbestos and how it is to be disposed of. In Queensland only licensed asbestos removalists should handle this.

Failure to adhere to legislation surrounding asbestos removal and disposal could see you as the property owner facing significant penalties. This is not to mention the risk to your health and that of those around you. So it is best left to the experts.

Preparing For Removal

Before a licensed professional can remove your asbestos, you need to prepare your home by doing the following.

1. Clear The Area

To ensure no contamination of your personal items, we recommend ensuring all furniture is cleared from the area along with any other soft furnishings, curtains or blinds, books, decorative items, rugs or similar.

2. Switch It All Off

Turn off the electricity, water, and gas supply to the affected area if possible. This minimises the danger of touching exposed pipes or wiring during the removal process.

3. Cover Up

Using thick plastic sheeting, cover any exposed wiring or pipes in the area to avoid any fibres being left behind following removal.

During this step, you should also cover up any windows or doorways adjoining the area where the asbestos will be removed. Tape the plastic sheets firmly in place leaving no gaps where draughts could spread asbestos fibres.

4. Make Plans

Make sure all family members are aware of the dangers of exposed asbestos and make plans to leave the property until work is finished.

Your asbestos removalists will be in full PPE to protect themselves but do not supply this for you – the expectation is that you will be off-site during the entire process wherever possible.

5. Notify

It is important to let your neighbours know that you will be having asbestos removal done, especially if they live close enough to be affected by noise or dust from the asbestos removal process.

This also allows them to go out while this is occurring for their own safety if preferred.

6. Follow Instructions

Be sure to closely follow all instructions provided by our asbestos removalists, including staying away from the area while they are working. This will help keep everyone safe and minimise your risk of exposure to asbestos fibres.

Your removalist team needs to be able to stay focused on the job at hand, so staying away and ensuring they do not need to worry about your safety helps them keep on track and finish the job both safely and efficiently.

7. Clean Up

Once the asbestos removal is finished, our team will carefully fold and remove all plastic sheeting used to protect surfaces and dispose of this along with the wrapped asbestos material.

A special asbestos vacuum is used to remove all visible particles from the team’s clothing and footwear and on any surfaces in the room where particles may have fallen. All PPE is also removed and disposed of with the asbestos waste.

Once the team is confident they have safely removed all asbestos contamination and the area is cleaned, you will be permitted to return to your property.

Disposal Of Asbestos Waste

Following asbestos removal, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure it is properly disposed of. Your removalist team should handle this for you as part of the removal process.  Asbestos waste must  be:

  • Disposed of as soon as is reasonably possible
  • Disposed of in an approved manner that eliminates the chance of any airborne asbestos fibres being released
  • Disposed of at an approved waste disposal site licensed by the Queensland Government

It is important to note that your local tip or dump may not accept asbestos waste. Only specialist sites licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are permitted to accept asbestos waste.

Whether from an industrial or domestic site, your removalist will only be allowed to dispose of the waste at a facility that is licensed for asbestos disposal.

This licensing ensures that the strict conditions surrounding the disposal of asbestos are met and that the waste remains covered in a way that ensures no dust is created and no contamination of the waste site is possible.

Choosing The Right Team For Asbestos Removal

Given the dangers posed by asbestos and the strict legislation in place surrounding its removal and disposal, it is important to choose a removal team that is properly licensed.

You should always ask about a company’s licensing and disposal methods. We recommend also checking out reviews of their services online and asking as many questions as you like before agreeing to work with them.

The best asbestos removal companies are those that are happy to run through everything with you and provide proof of licensing if needed. Remember as the property owner, improper disposal could see you in a lot of trouble!

Icon Asbestos Removal – The Team You Can Trust

With our experienced asbestos removalists in Brisbane, you can rest assured your home will be safe from the hazards posed by this potentially deadly material. We are committed to ensuring your safety and that of our team at all times.

We specialise in the removal of all types of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) that can be found in your home, workplace or infrastructure.

Our dedicated team are highly skilled, fully licensed and experienced offering a superior service that is always delivered on time and on budget.

Whether it’s a personal renovation project around the home, removal of contaminated soil from your new development, or complete demolition of a contaminated building we can help plan and carry out every step from beginning to end.

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