Unfortunately, it’s fairly common for buildings in Brisbane and surrounding areas to have asbestos containing materials in their infrastructure. This is due to the age of many buildings, and the fact that asbestos products were considered harmless and useful for many decades. They were in use right up until 1990, so unless you’re living in a modern space, their presence is a definite possibility.

Due to its heat stability, water resistance and electrical insulation, the most likely walls in your home for asbestos to be hiding are bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens. However, so long as it’s undisturbed, there’s no reason to worry. The fibres of asbestos are not dangerous unless airborne, which is only a problem during demolition, or renovation.

What Should I Do if I Want to Renovate?

If you do want to renovate, or you’re in charge of a worksite involving demolition, it’s always recommended to have professionals come and check out the building beforehand. Because the effects of inhaling asbestos are not immediate, meaning it may be years before a serious condition becomes apparent, it’s unwise to check yourself without plenty of experience. Plus, walls are not the only culprit. Roof sheeting, gutters, down pipes, ceilings, air ducting, power boards and even fencing could all be contaminated. So, no matter what your renovation entails, it’s best to get the advice of qualified experts before you proceed.

Who Can Help?

With over 6 years’ experience in the industry and an A class license allowing us to remove all types of asbestos safely, ICON asbestos removal is here to help. We’re located in Brisbane, but we also cover the Sunshine Coast and all the way up to Rockhampton. Not only do we offer audits, sampling, testing, air monitoring, and emergency clean-ups, but we also replace entire rooves with brand new Colorbond sheeting if necessary.

So, for more advice about keeping you safe during renovations, make sure to call the experts on 07 3053 3453.