You may not realise it, but asbestos is one of the most dangerous material that is commonly found. Therefore, safe disposal of it is necessary to avoid its health risks. Plenty of information is available that will let you know how to dispose of asbestos. However, we recommend using asbestos removal professionals to handle this material, for the safety of yourself and your family. Always keep the following things in mind for safe disposal: 

Appropriate Planning of the Project 

The first and foremost thing to consider is the size and severity of the material. Only licensed professionals can do this because they possess the necessary skills and training to remove different types of asbestos materials. Asbestos removal specialists are required to obtain licensing and be up to date with their training and education to remove asbestos.  

Preparation of Work Area 

The preparation of the work area is also necessary to avoid contamination outside this area. The experts recommend using negative air pressure and sealing off the place with plastic sheeting. Warning signs should also be posted all around the work area to prevent human beings’ approach to the asbestos removal project. How much preparation is required depends on how much asbestos you have in your home or workplace. Removing a fence requires slightly different preparation to removing a number of walls inside your home. 

Personal Safety Protection and Safety Protocols at Site 

Asbestos removal professionals know how to dispose of asbestos and, therefore, wear the required protective clothing and N-100 or P-100 respirators to avoid exposure. It is important to ensure that any air conditioning and heading systems are disabled to prevent the circulation of asbestos fibres. You can also use a HEPA vacuum to clean up the area further. 

How to Dispose of Asbestos Waste? 

The disposal of asbestos waste is also necessary to finish the project successfully. Licensed asbestos removalists will wet the debris and pack into the relevant plastic bags. They will label these packages and dispose of at recommended landfills specified to receive asbestos waste.  

Always Follow Decontamination Procedure 

Decontamination of protective clothes, shoes, and tools is also vital to remove the health risks associated with asbestos abatement. Your contractors will have recommended procedures to follow to avoid taking the asbestos off site on their person. 

Asbestos can cause long term health issues, so it is important to dispose of asbestos safely. Using a licensed professional team, like Icon Asbestos, will ensure any asbestos containing materials are completely removed, as well as ensuring your home or business is safe for everyone.