Have you recently found out that your home has an asbestos fence? If so, you may be considering fence asbestos removal and replacement to ensure your family is safe into the future. But how does the removal and replacement of an asbestos fence work and are there any special steps you need to take?

Inspecting Fence Asbestos 

One of the first steps you need to take is having your fence inspected for asbestos. Using an “A Class” licensed asbestos removalist company is the best option as they can remove your fence with no issues. The company you choose can inspect the fence and provide the best advice on the removals process that is particular to your location.

Fence Asbestos Removal

Once you have decided to remove your fence, the process is relatively straightforward. An asbestos removalist, like Icon Asbestos Removal, will come in, take all the necessary precautions and safely remove your fence. They will then dispose of the materials in the correct way.

From here, you will need to choose your new fencing material, and there are plenty of options to choose from that will keep your family safe. Common fencing materials in Brisbane include brick, stone, steel, timber, Colorbond, and wrought iron. Stone and brick fencing will last quite a long time, while materials like Colorbond provides good security and protection from the road. Timber fences are relatively budget-friendly to install but will need maintenance over time. Make sure you use a professional fencing contractor to install your new fence to get the best lifespan from it.

Repaint or Remove?

If there is no damage to your fence, you may have the option of painting and sealing it instead of removal – this is why it is essential to have an inspection done prior to any work taking place. If your fence is not damaged and removal doesn’t work for you right now, painting your fence may be the best way to go. The paint and seal should help keep the fence intact, preventing damage. Long term, it is best to replace the fence.

If you’re looking for fence asbestos removal in the Brisbane area, talk to the team at Icon Asbestos Removal. We can assist in inspecting and removing your asbestos fence.