Considering a renovation and wondering whether the walls in your home may contain asbestos? Wall asbestos removal is quite common in older Brisbane homes, and it is certainly worth getting checked before you start your renovation.

Asbestos was commonly used in walls between the 1940’s to the 1980’s after which the material was phased out and no longer allowed to be utilised. Asbestos was used for walls because of it’s heat resistant and moisture resistant properties, as well as offering a level of fireproofing.

Commonly, the material was found in walls in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and garages as well as being used on external cladding. Essentially anywhere that was a “wet area” where you could also find power or electrical appliances had asbestos walls.

What Do I Need to Know About Asbestos Wall Removal?

Generally in Queensland, the main form of asbestos used was Chrysotile or white asbestos. It can often be confused with other types of safe wall materials, so it is essential to have your walls checked by a licensed asbestos removals business before starting any work on your home.

Unfortunately you can’t just tell by looking at a wall as to whether there was asbestos materials used. The only way of telling is for a licensed asbestos consultant to take a sample and have it analysed under a microscope. If you do suspect you might have asbestos walls, Icon Asbestos Removal can assist in having your walls tested and safely removed to help you get on with your renovations.

Is There a Health Risk to Having Asbestos Walls?

The health risk with asbestos comes with removing or breaking the walls. Most asbestos walls are safe if painted and sealed. While most walls with asbestos are non-friable, which means the material can’t be crushed by hand to form a powder, there are risks involved with breaking the walls down and removing them piece by piece, or damaging them through the use of power tools.

By using an experienced and qualified asbestos removals team, you can have asbestos wall removal done safely without the health risks that come from working with asbestos.

If you need your walls assessed or removed, call Icon Asbestos Removal. Holders of a Class A License, we can remove any form of asbestos from your home, ensuring you and your family stay safe.