When buying a property, having a building inspection done is important, especially if there is a chance that the property may have asbestos due to the age of the building. If your building inspector points out that there is asbestos in the property, it is worth getting a licensed asbestos removal company out to quote on removing asbestos from your potential new home. They can also quote on removing asbestos from those areas you don’t consider – around old air conditioning systems, boundary fences, electrical meter boards, garages, garden sheds and more.

It is always beneficial to get a quote for removing asbestos from the home before you settle on the purchase. You should ensure the seller either pays for removal of the asbestos or that you get a discount on the sale price to cover the cost of removal yourself.

Wall Asbestos Removal

External and internal walls are some of the most prolific areas of asbestos and finding a company qualified in wall asbestos removal is important, especially if you are considering renovations in the property. You’ll find asbestos walls in bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens internally – because they were used for moisture resistance properties among other uses, they will mainly be in wet areas. If you think you may have asbestos walls, getting a licensed asbestos removal company to get the wall tested and remove it for you is a better idea than removing it yourself.

Roof Asbestos Removal

Roof’s are another main area of concern when it comes to asbestos in houses, but it isn’t just the roof itself; the guttering and eaves can both contain asbestos as well. Some companies specialise in roof asbestos removal and can get your roof tested and removed without the health hazards that come with doing it yourself.

Asbestos may not be a cause for concern unless it is broken, with loose fibres or when you are doing renovations, however, it is not a product that you want to take risks on.

If your building inspector picks up potential asbestos in your new home, call a professional and licensed asbestos removal company to help you work out the best way forward.