From the 1920s to mid to late 1970s asbestos was used Australia wide for building materials. It was favoured as it was a strong and versatile material that helped fuel the housing boom post war. Of course, at the time, no one including the department of health knew of the risks that asbestos poses to human health. Once the health risks were discovered, asbestos was phased out and eventually totally banned in 2003.

If you own an older home, live on a block that’s been redeveloped or a redeveloping a commercial site, there’s a chance that you may have asbestos contaminated soil. If you suspect you have contaminated land, it’s vital that you have fully qualified professionals to remove and dispose of the soil contamination properly.

Icon Asbestos Removal are experts in the safe management and removal of asbestos contaminated soil. We are fully qualified and strictly work within guidelines for the assessment remediation and management of asbestos contaminated sites, including all health and safety and environmental regulations. We can help with every step of the management of asbestos contamination from identifying contaminated soil, assessment of the site for decontamination, removal of the affected soil and correct disposal.

There are many reasons why it is important to have contaminated soil removed, the most important being that highly hazardous materials and removing it can stop contamination and potential health risks. Unlike when asbestos is found in a building and pieces are removed, asbestos in the soil is usually either fibrous or loose. There is a risk that contaminated soil can seep into your water supply or affect the quality of your soil. Regardless, it’s essential that before any construction works, yard or garden make overs are started, the contaminated soil is removed as disturbing the soil can cause the fibrous or loose particles to become air borne and more easily inhaled.

To identify if you have contaminated soil, our technicians will come out on site and take a sample of soil to test. If the test returns as positive for asbestos, we will arrange for removal from the site. Our removal process includes securing the area from everyone but our team, encapsulating the site to prevent fibers from becoming air borne and removing the contaminated soil. We remove the soil with the use of an excavator and either treat is on site or take it to an appropriate asbestos facility to be safely disposed of. We can manage asbestos removal and disposal in a safe and fast manner with as little disruption to your family or worksite as possible.

Once the process is completed, we will clear the area and ensure that your site is completely free of any further asbestos contaminated soil. We use independent hygiene services on each of our jobs to verify our finished projects. That way you can rest assured that you site’s soil is completely asbestos free.

We have been providing asbestos testing and removal Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast areas for many years. Our team is highly experienced and trained in the removal of asbestos contaminated soil from a variety of different sites including residential, commercial and industrial clients.

For safe and through removal of asbestos contaminated soil by fully qualified experts, choose Icon Asbestos Removal. Contact our team today for a free quote.