Did you know, one of the leading causes for contaminated soil removal in Southeast Queensland is due to asbestos contamination. Asbestos was a very commonly used building material from the 1920s through to the late 1970s, favoured for its versatility and strength. This is of course before anyone knew about the devastating health issues that asbestos can cause. So, if you own an older home or live or work on a piece of land that has previously been redeveloped, there is a possibility that you could unknowingly be dealing with asbestos contaminated soil.

Hearing that you have asbestos contaminated land might sound like the end of the world but there’s no need to panic. Asbestos can be removed from your soil! However, removal and managing of asbestos in soil should only ever be managed by fully qualified professionals. That’s where Icon Asbestos Removals can step in to help.

We hold an A Class asbestos removal licence and can assist with all your contaminated soil removal needs. We can help with the identification of contaminated soil as well as assess the site for decontamination process, create a management plan, and safely remove and dispose of the asbestos contaminated soil.

Why is having an A Class asbestos removal licence so important? It’s important as there are two types of asbestos: friable asbestos, and bonded asbestos. Holding an A class licence means that we a fully qualified and trained in the removal of both types of asbestos.

As we now know, asbestos is a highly hazardous material. Removing asbestos from a building is difficult enough, having it in the soil is an even harder job. With contaminated soil, asbestos usually comes in the form of either fibrous asbestos or loose asbestos.

If you have asbestos contaminated soil, it needs to be removed before you can do anything to it. This is because when the soil is disturbed, asbestos fibres can go into the air. Asbestos air in dangerous to everyone in the vicinity as it can more easily be inhaled when it is in the air. Apart from getting into the air, contamination can also occur from soil seep into water supplies. It can also adversely affect the quality of your soil. Starting construction works, creating a garden, putting in a pool or anything else that disturbs the soil cannot be started until the contaminated soil is removed.

No sure if you have asbestos? We also offer asbestos consultancy. We will send out one of our technicians to your site to take a sample of soil that we will test. If it returns a positive result, we can then arrange for the asbestos removal.

The removal process includes several steps to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site and to create a safe work environment for our team. First we secure the area and then encapsulate the site to stop any fibres from blowing into the air. We then begin removing the contaminated soil with an excavator. Asbestos in soil is usually found in the topsoil and can be in various forms of asbestos materials such as pieces of wall plastering, asbestos cement, tiles or also fibrous material. We then remove and dispose of the asbestos waste in the safe and correct manner. After removing the contaminated soil, we clear the area and do further checks to ensure there is no contaminated soil remaining. We are thorough and highly skilled in every job we undertake, no matter how big or small. We offer asbestos audits and sampling/ testing, air monitoring services so you can have peace of mind knowing that your soil is now completely free of asbestos. However, if you would like to confirm our works, you can do so easily as we use independent hygiene service on every job to verify our completed works.

Something as important as the removal of asbestos affected soil from your home, business or worksite should not be delayed.

For experienced, licensed asbestos specialists who put health and safety at the forefront of their work, choose Icon Asbestos Removal. Enquire with our friendly team today via phone or our website for a free quote.