There are many homes around Brisbane and the Gold Coast that have an asbestos fence, and we often get asked whether home owners need to organise removal and fence replacement for safety. It is disheartening to know that your home may contain asbestos but you do need to make a decision about whether you remove your fence and replace it, or whether you take measures to paint it, sealing in any fibers.

Removing and replacing is the easy option and in the long term it is generally the safer option.

Icon Asbestos Removal can organise removal of any asbestos fence along your property, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your home fencing with a safer product.

What Happens During Fence Asbestos Removal?

Removing an asbestos fence can be rather straight forward and depending on the length of your fence, is usually done within a day or two. We first start by putting the required caution signs in plain sight, and barricade off the area if needed to ensure the safety of anyone passing by.

Wearing the right personal protective equipment, we ensure there are no loose asbestos fibers. This may mean we need to spray the fence with a PVA spray to seal any fibers. If we don’t need to remove fibers, we will wet down the fence for safe removal. All bolts and screws are removed and disposed off at the end.

Our team then digs along the fence line down to where the bottom of the fence sits. We keep wetting the fence as we go, and dig down until we can completely remove the fence panels. For safety and to follow all legislation, the asbestos fence panels are wrapped in thick plastic, taped closed, and taken to the required disposal site for safe disposal.

Be assured, we won’t just leave it here. The team at Icon Asbestos Removal will ensure that all asbestos has been removed, and document any required paperwork. You can then get on with the job of having your fence replacement done.

If you’ve found yourself with an asbestos fence that you’d like to remove, call the team at Icon Asbestos Removal. We’ll organise an inspection and quote, and get your old fence removed quickly and easily.