If you have an old asbestos fence, you’ve probably thought about fence replacement options. Perhaps you’ve had trouble finding a company to remove your old fence, or perhaps you just haven’t looked too far into what your replacement options are. If you have a home in South East Queensland, there are a few fencing choices available that look great with a range of homes; even more beneficial is that the right fence option can modernise your home without spending a lot of money.

6 Asbestos Fence Replacement Options

We’ve outlined 6 of the most popular options to replace your old asbestos fence with.

  1. Timber fencing – this classic option is budget-friendly, and doesn’t take long to install. You can choose from a decorative style to a more standard boundary fence depending on the style of your home. Timber fences are prone to rot, aging and termites and do require ongoing maintenance.
  2. Metal fences – an older fencing option, they are relatively cheap to install however there is no noise reduction and they can be susceptible to to rest and dents.
  3. Brick walls – another older fencing option, many people are modernising the look of their home by rendering their brick fences. They are however expensive to install, take time and often require council approvals.
  4. Modular fencing – offer noise reduction and security while still being affordable. Often have the appearance of a rendered wall but are cheaper and quicker to install. Can be customised with lighting, slats and more.
  5. PVC fencing – perfect if you like the look of a white picket fence but don’t want to do the maintenance. Made from synthetic plastics, they are more durable than a standard timber fence. Prone to cracking due to weather as well as mould and mildew build up.
  6. Colorbond fencing – popular for neighbour boundary fences, providing security and noise reduction. Can often be colour matched with fences on other boundaries.

There are plenty of fence replacement options available on the market. Start planning the removal of your asbestos fence and the install of your new fence to upgrade the look and feel of your home.