When it comes to Asbestos removal, you do not want to mess around. Asbestos contains materials that are harmful and can cause a myriad of damaging health effects including cancer. It is crucial to have licenced and fully qualified professionals do the job. This is essential for the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the general public who could be exposed to the materials if they are not handled or disposed of properly. That’s where we here at Icon Asbestos removal can help.

Why trust us to be your number one choice for Asbestos removal Sunshine Coast?

We are asbestos removal specialists with an A class removal licence which is issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. This means we are fully qualified to remove any type of asbestos product, whether it is bonded or friable.

We specialise in removal of all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) including building materials and contaminated soil. We will work with you from start to finish to identify, plan and execute the removal of ACM.

You can rest assured knowing that the job will be done properly as our experienced team consists of accredited government contractors and we have six years of experience under our belt. Whether you require removal of ACM for residential, commercial or industrial needs, we have the expertise and tools to do the job right every time.

We have an excellent safety record, and, on every job, we use independent hygiene services to authenticate our completed works. So, you have both our personal and an independent guarantee that our work is completed to the highest standard and safety levels every time.

If you require Asbestos removal Sunshine Coast, get in touch with our friendly team today for a free quote.