When you think of asbestos, it’s likely you think of older properties that are falling down or being demolished. But in truth, for the many thousands of people out there living in older homes, there’s a good chance there is asbestos somewhere in your house.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should worry. If you are planning on renovations to your home, it’s best to have your home checked by an asbestos expert. They can tell you whether the area you are planning on working in contains asbestos.

If you do have asbestos in your home and you are planning on renovating or doing work around the home that would disturb the fibres, you might be wondering you who need to call for help and what exactly they can do. We’ve got the answer.

Licensed asbestos contractors are experienced in working with asbestos and can give you the best advice to meet your needs. Let’s see what else they can do.

Check Your Home for Asbestos

Of course the main thing that asbestos contractors can do is check your house for asbestos. This material was used extensively in home building so could be hiding in places you really don’t expect. Having an expert check your home out and give you guidance before renovation could save your life.

Test for Asbestos

Unfortunately asbestos isn’t a material that you can identify just by looking at it. An asbestos contractor can safely remove a sample and have it tested to confirm whether it is in fact asbestos or not. We don’t recommend starting any work on your home until you have confirmation.

Remove Asbestos

Naturally, an asbestos contractor can organise the removal of asbestos from your residential home, commercial property or industrial worksite. They will look after everything from the paperwork through to the removal.

Disposing and Clean Up

Proper disposal of asbestos materials, as well as cleaning up the work space is important for everyone. An asbestos contractor has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure that everything is done correctly to meet workplace health and safety standard.

If you suspect asbestos in your home, contact the team at Icon Asbestos Removal for inspection, consultation and quote.