Back in the 1920s, Asbestos products were considered a perfectly suitable material in the building industry. They were chemical and water resistant, and great for electrical insulation. And because the health risks such as lung cancer that have since been discovered only take hold several years after exposure, builders continued to use them for many decades.

This means any house built before 1980 is likely to contain some form of asbestos fibres, and even those built up until 1990 might not be clear of it. The building materials were only 100% banned in Australia in 2003, so the extent of their presence in modern homes is surprising to most.

Could it be in My Home?

Depending on the age of the building, it’s better to be safe than sorry when considering renovations on your home. Areas where it’s most often found include roof sheeting, gutters, down pipes, fascias, gables, and soffits, to name a few. Bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens are also common places to find asbestos in the walls.

But that isn’t to say you should be concerned. Because working with asbestos is only a health risk when disturbed (which allows for airborne fibres to be inhaled), appropriate disposal is only necessary before any damage is done to the foundations.

Do I Need to Call the Experts?

If you do plan on renovating, or if you’re involved in any form of industrial demolition, it’s always wise to have the property inspected and tested beforehand. Due to the widespread use of friable asbestos containing materials in the past you can never be too sure, and that’s where we come in!

With ICON Asbestos Removal, you can expect a team of accredited government contractors to take all the risk out of your projects. So if you have any concerns about your home or workplace, get in contact today for more information.