The team at Icon know how to dispose of asbestos safely and properly. Your home or work premises could contain different types of asbestos containing materials (ACM). These materials need to be disposed of by a skilled and licensed team.

Our experienced team will test for and remove all asbestos using specialised methods.

Disposing of asbestos is something that needs to be done by licensed professionals. For the sake of your health and the health of those in your home or office, please do not attempt to cut corners. Asbestos is a health hazard and needs to be dealt with by an experienced team. We have the experience, equipment, and training for such work.

There are regulations, permits, and licenses required for proper asbestos disposal.

These are in place for a reason. Asbestos removal is not something that homeowners or business owners should attempt on their own. At Icon we have all the appropriate training and equipment to remove asbestos safely, in compliance with all health and safety regulations. Additionally, we are familiar with all the permits and requirements for its final disposal.

When doing any renovations, it is important to hire a business that knows how to dispose of asbestos thoroughly.

It is very common for older buildings in Brisbane to have asbestos containing materials. This health hazard is heightened when any renovations are carried out on such buildings. Whether you own a residential, commercial, or industrial property, Icon provides professional asbestos removal services. We will ensure that all asbestos is removed as quickly and safely as possible.

For a free quote for residential, commercial, or industrial asbestos removal, contact Icon today!