Choosing A New Roof

While it’s never fun to discover your home contains asbestos, one of the perks of having it removed and undergoing renovations is being able to choose how you want your home to look afterwards. Here at ICON we love to partner with Colorbond, as a trusted company that products strong, secure and energy smart steel with a 25-year warranty so you know you are getting quality.

Ridding The Asbestos

While asbestos is completely safe in your home as long as it isn’t disturbed, once you start looking into renovations, it’s a good idea to have your home and or office space thoroughly checked so you know what you are dealing with before you start.

Our team is happy to come in and let you know the extent of the asbestos coverage and work out a plan for removing it. Working with you, we can put together an effective plan that fits in with the renovations you have in mind, so that everything is done simultaneously with minimal impact on your lives.

ICON Asbestos holds an ‘A Class’ Asbestos Removal license, issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. This license allows us to remove any type of Asbestos product, whether bonded or friable, so you can trust us to get the job done promptly and done right.

A Replacement that Lasts

Colorbond has been used in Australia for years and is built to deliver a life-long performance. You have 22 colours to choose from when it comes to replacing your roof, so you can find the one that fits in with your current theme and have your home looking and feeling new again. They even offer the ability to mix and match colours with your gutter, fascia and downpipes.

Colorbond is able to withstand the Australian weather thanks to the technology they use in producing the steel. This makes it perfect for not only homes, but also for larger commercial buildings. We will work with you to find colours you love and are happy with, doing all the hardwork of putting it in place after we have removed the asbestos.

We want you to have a home you are happy with, which is why we recommend Colorbond.

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