Think you may have asbestos in your home and wanting to get it tested before doing renovations? While some people believe they can tell if there is asbestos materials in a property by just looking at the material, the only sure-fire way to know is to have it tested.

It is certainly not recommended to take a sample yourself, as asbestos can be quite dangerous. Instead, you should contact a licensed asbestos removalist or an accredited laboratory who can take the sample for you and organise the correct testing.

Why is it Important to Have Asbestos Testing Done?

Testing any potential asbestos in your home provides information on the type of asbestos material it is, and allows a management plan be developed for the removal of the asbestos. This management plan will provide guidelines for the safe handling and removal of the asbestos and will also provide information on developing a health risk assessment plan for those living in the property.

How is the Asbestos Tested?

The asbestos testing process is fairly standard across all area. Samples are taken from around the site, not just where you want to removate, and then sent to an NATA Laboratory for testing. Details of the test are recorded, and tests are done under strict quality controls to avoid the samples being contaminated.

It is recommended that any samples taken for asbestos testing are done by licensed professionals. This ensures your home and your family stay safe while you are awaiting the results. Once you have your test results you can either go ahead with your renovations, or talk to a licensed asbestos remover about having the asbestos removed.

If you think you may have asbestos in your home, play it safe and have it tested by a licensed asbestos expert. Call Zen Roofing to obtain a quote on testing and potential removal of asbestos from your Brisbane home.