Asbestos removal is serious business, and the Queensland Government takes the regulations and licensing behind asbestos removal quite seriously. We have put together a handy little overview which outlines some of the requirements when removing asbestos from a Queensland home.

Queensland Asbestos Removal Licenses

In Queensland there are two classes of licenses allowing for asbestos removal – A Class and B Class

An A Class license allows for the removal of friable (or loose) asbestos. Class A license holders do not require a Class B license.

A B Class licenses is required for the removal of 10m2 or more of bonded asbestos.

Demolition Works

Asbestos is to be removed, as far as reasonably practicably, before any demolition can occur. Sections 452 and 453 of the WHS Regulation outline the requirements of removing asbestos before demolition works can take place. There are very few acceptable reasons for asbestos not to be removed prior.

When the building being demolished contains asbestos, there may need to be soil scraping and excavation works completed to be assured that the asbestos has been removed. Generally, the soil needs to be scraped back 30 – 50mm.

Asbestos Removal Control Plan

When you choose an asbestos removal company, they will prepare an asbestos removal control plan. This plan must be done before any removal can take place. Queensland Workplace Health and Safety must also be advised of the removal activities, and it is of course required that the site must be contained and secured. You must also inform any neighbouring properties of the removal of asbestos from your home.

Disposal of the Waste

Any asbestos waste is required to be contained and labelled prior to leaving the site. It is required to be disposed off s soon as possible at a site that is authorised to accept asbestos materials. When you are organising the removal of asbestos from your home, it is always a great idea to ensure the company is responsible for removing the asbestos and that it will be removed and disposed of in the correct manner.

If you need asbestos removal from your Brisbane home or would like more experience on the Queensland asbestos removal regulations, contact the experienced and professional team at Icon Asbestos Removal for a quote on removing asbestos from your residential, commercial or industrial property.