How to Dispose of Asbestos?

Because asbestos was only made illegal to build with in 2003, and due to our previous ignorance about its long-term health threats, there are many buildings across Australia that still have this deadly material hidden away in their walls and rooves. During renovations, or any disturbance of a building’s infrastructure, fibres of this material can become airborne, and this is when asbestos is most dangerous. You might not be aware at the time of exposure, but inhalation is known to cause illnesses such as lung cancer many years down the road. 

Thus, it’s very important to call in the experts if you’re doing renovations and are concerned about the presence of asbestos. 

What is Asbestos?

There is a family of fibrous silicate minerals that are grouped together under the generic name asbestos. They were originally prized in the building industry for properties like tensile strength, heat resistance and insulation, so were widely used for several decades. And as they’re only dangerous when disturbed, we don’t often know they’re there.

Around the home, it’s not unusual to find asbestos in places like gutters and pipes, floors and ceilings, roof sheeting or even fencing. In commercial spaces, it could be lurking in air ducts, service risers, ceiling cavities and thermal pipe insulation, among many other possibilities.

Who Can Dispose of Asbestos for Me?

Due to the risks involved, it’s always recommended to hire a licensed and qualified expert when handling any asbestos related concern. Here at ICON asbestos removal, we specialise in A class removal work and have the safety record to prove it. For over six years, our accredited government contractors have serviced Brisbane and surrounding areas with bonded and friable removal works, asbestos audits, air monitoring, emergency clean-ups, roof replacement, you name it! 

Our goal is to ensure your safety, both quickly and affordably, so if you have any questions regarding asbestos disposal, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!